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Baku in Black & White
| HD Video | in production.


Currently in Production, Baku in Black & White is a major new film by Sharone Lifschitz created in collaboration with the Zaha Hadid Foundation. It is the second in a trilogy of films that started with The Visitor that look at the relation of iconic 21c buildings to their, Architect, conception and placement.

I think Gravity is a limit, I think that right now, buildings have to land, so you have to deal with the structure and engineering. It is how you design it, it could look very light, it could look also effortless, but actually there is a lot of effort and so on. There is always spatial limits, budget limits, but I think in terms of ideas, you have to also be able to edit them. You can have loads of ideas, but it is like writing or filmmaking; the end product, you might have ten hours of film, and the genius is not only the filming but then the editing, so I think to the idea there is no limit.
Zaha Hadid interviewed by Corine Roy (Dir), Zaha Hadid, An Architect, A Masterpiece, 2011



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