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Trucks and Drivers


Digital prints mounted on Dibond | aluminum frames | framed diptych | each panel 100 x 66 cm

Lifschitz photographed truck drivers and their vehicles, as seen from the window of her seat on a bus, while traveling from London to Glasgow and back. She created a series of ten diptychs from these images created in motion, pairing drivers captured during that split second when their eyes met the artist’s gaze with fragmentary views of the sides of individual trucks.


In summer 2010, I bought a return bus ticket to Aberdeen. Buses, I soon found out, are a different game to trains. A few hours into the journey, I started taking images of the truck drivers outside my window as we sped past them. It is a very fragmentary and quick exchange between the drivers and me and it lasted for less than a second as such, it is contained in the still image that captures the drivers at the moment our eyes meet. Through the diptych’s form, the viewer catches at once the relation between the drivers and the camera and between the men in their cabins and the graphics on the trucks.

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