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​Munich In Four Courses

2008 | HD Video | 29'22"


Munich In Four Courses is the final element of the project Speaking Germany (part of The German Projects. More information here)

Eighteen months after completing the city-wide installation, Speaking Germany, Sharone Lifschitz completed this video.  The video constitutes the last stage of this complex project, a retrospective look at an endeavour that occupied the artist for several years: a summation of its various phases, an attempt to create a unified whole out of a series of fragmentary texts and experiences, and a reflection on the ability of art to touch both viewer and artist.

Munich in Four Courses records the progression of actions and interactions – on the part of the artist, the people she met and spoke to, and the general public in Munich as people moved about the city – and constitutes a tangible manifestation of what was essentially an ephemeral work.  At the same time, it tells the intimate story of Lifschitz’s personal journey in creating Speaking Germany, and leaves us with questions about the efficacy of conversation and the power of art.*



Commissioned by: Jüdishes Museum München

and QUIVID – The City of Munich program for art in public buildings

Director of Photography: Graham Westfield

Editing: Echart Zerzawy and Sharone Lifschitz



* Text –Emily Bilski


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